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12.8 x 8.1 ft Guard House | Small House | Extra Storage | Prefabricated Shack

12.8 x 8.1 ft Guard House | Small House | Extra Storage | Prefabricated Shack


Prefabricated shack's size is ideal for long-term usage for two or more persons. The shack is especially preferred by Hospitals, Factories, Shopping Malls to be used as Gate Keeper Hut, Guard Shack, Prefabricated Modular Shack, Information Desks and Sales Buffet, Guard Booth, Park Attendant, Valet, Ticket Sales, or Offices on construction sites.


  • Standard panel color is broken white.
  • Cabin roof can load < 85 kg/m2 snow.
  • It does not affect any living beings' health.
  • It is highly compatible with environment.
  • Cabins are durable considering all weather condisitons such as climate changes. They can also be resistant for corrosion, rust and incorruptible.
  • Cabin panels' outer surface are made of gelcoat which is durable to sun's ultraviolet effects.
  • They are washable and easy to clean.
  • Cabins are delivered as ready to use. If preferred, cabins sent as dis-assembled with installation manual. It is very easy to assemble them.
  • All of the cabin panels (side walls and roof) are made of fiberglass sandwich panel. Thickness of wall is ~30 mm.
  • Cabin bottom is made of single layer fiberglass, iron structure and cement panel.
  • Cabin has aluminium windows (4 mm tempered auto-glass) or PVC double-glass.
  • Doors and windows frames are in white color they can be aluminium or PVC as request.
  • Roof lifting hangs, extra forklift bottom, manual hydraulic shutter, remote-controlled shutter in different colors are available.
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