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Modular Prefabricated

Modular prefabricated structures provide fully customizable portable cabin solutions with high quality. Thanks to its modular design and double-hulled insulated FRP walls, we offer extensive solutions. 

Light-weight but durable to vandalism because its sandwich panel walls and the interlocking design.

       Why Fiberglass?      

The cabins are produced with high fiberglass technology;


  • Prefab Modular cabins are weather-resistant and rust-proof!

  • Modular cabins are made of a material that will prevent bacteria and instinct growth on its surfaces.

  • No maintenance is required for a long time.

  • Lightweight but robust to vandalism!

  • Easy to clean!

Standard & Bespoke Designs

Portable Shack
Guard Cabin
Mobile Office
Porta Cabin
Portable Storage
Ticket Cabin
Security Booth
FRP Wall Panels
Portable Buildings
Prefab Shed
Guard House

Guard Shack
Public Restroom
Public Shower
Modular Toilet
Deluxe Toilet Cabin
Portable Toilet Cabin
Portable Restroom
Restroom Cabin
Prefab Restroom
Modular Office Space
Mini Office Cabin
Prefab Backyard Office
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Wall Panels

Introducing the Innovative Wall Panels

Authentic, Lightweight, and Cost-Effective

Enhance your living and working spaces with our decorative fiberglass-based wall panels. Our panels perfectly replicate the look, color, texture, and relief of natural materials, thanks to our commitment to quality and innovative technology.

  • Preferred by home and business owners, architects, designers, and developers worldwide.

  • Popular designs include stone, brick, wood, and concrete facades.

  • Versatile panels suitable for walls, ceilings, and any room.

  • Add impact to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

  • Over 100 designs are available to refresh your space.

  • Easy installation and removable panels for hassle-free maintenance.

  • Used in various settings: commercial offices, retail stores, residential homes, schools, hotels, and more.

Discover the possibilities with the Wall Panels and transform your spaces with ease. Experience the beauty of natural materials without the high costs and installation time. Get in touch with our experienced team for personalized designs and options.

Create stunning interiors and exteriors with Wall Panels.

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