A fiberglass modular cabin designed to meet booth manufacturer, frp wall panels

guard booth

guard house

guard shack

insulated panel

ticket cabin

park attendant

site area

modular construction

portable cabin solution

5 x 5' Guard Shack | Security Booth | Ticket Booth | Portable Storage

  • Length : 4' 11" 

    Width : 4' 11"

    Height : 8' 6"

    Standard color : RAL (XXXX 9016)

    Cabin roof can load <7,9lbs/ft2 snow.

    Roof has 15 cm slope from center to sides. %?

    The material used does not affect any living beings' health.

    It does not require maintenance for a very long time.

    Raw-materials are colored and based on isophthalic gelcoat.

    Cabins are durable considering all weather condisitons such as climate changes. They can also be resistant for corrosion, rust and incorruptible.

    Cabin panels' outer surface are made of gelcoat which is durable to sun's ultraviolet effects.

    They are washable and easy to clean.

    Cabins are delivered as ready to use. If preferred, cabins sent as dis-assembled with installation manual.

    All of the cabin panels (side walls and roof) are made of fiberglass sandwich panel (polyurethane 3,12 lbs/ft3). Thickness of side wall is ~ 1,18 in.


    Cabin bottom is made of single layer fiberglass, iron structure and cement panel.


    Cabin has aluminium windows (4 mm tempered auto-glass) or PVC double-glass.


    Window's opening directions are left-right or up-down sliding or fixed.

    Doors and windows frames are in white color they can be aluminium or PVC as request.